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Birthdays Galore!

I always think my Dad, Kerry, and Jay get jipped on the birthday party end of things. They all have their birthdays the same week in February- my Dad's is the 20th, Kerry's is the 26th, and Jay's is the 27th.  Pretty crazy. I'm glad mine's all the way in May!   My Mum is pretty awesome though and because we all love the cake so much she ends up making one for Jay to take home and one for Kerry to take to school! That is a lot of work!  Cole and Charlotte both had a blast as usual over there.  Cole loves to annoy (I mean, wrestle with!) Jay and Charlotte stays close as she is incredibly wary of Dakota, my parents' 80-lb Austrian Shepard. Dakota is a very nice dog and Cole loves her but I think the difference there is that Cole grew up with a dog (sort of) and Charlotte has not.

Cole loved to play tug of war with Dakota but you notice that Grandpa had to hold on too. Dakota was too strong for Cole!

Charlotte just kept running back and forth between Brendan and I and she was content with that as long as Dakota didn't get in her way!

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Mimi said...

And Charlotte loves to eat cake! Of course, I'll never forget that that is all that Cole ate that day!