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Happy Mardi Gras!

As you know, Brendan grew up in Louisiana and has many many fond memories of growing up there, not the least of which is being a part of Mardi Gras and seeing the parades, eating King Cake etc.   Someday Brendan would like to bring Cole and Charlotte to Louisiana so they can see it too (well, the kid-friendly parts anyway).   

Cole's preschool encourages parents to come into the classroom and discuss Holidays or events or interests with the class. During sea life week, one mom came in and talked about being a scuba diver and brought all of her gear-Cole thought that pretty neat. Last month another family came in and discussed their families traditions regarding the Chinese New Year.  Well, Brendan thought it would be neat to go into preschool and talk about Mardi Gras (the clean portion of it!) and he actually looked up a recipe for King Cake and made it! It took him two whole days to make and he skipped the part about  putting baby Jesus in the cake because he thought that part might be hard to describe (why are we cooking a baby?!). Brendan went out and bought beads and throws and checked out a Mardi Gras book out of the library. The kids had so much fun with him and were loving the beads and stickers and of course the cake!  On Tuesday afternoons some of the kids are not at school but the ones that were there had a blast! Cole was so proud of his Dad and couldn't stop talking about it when I got home! 
By the way- I don't usually dress Cole in sweats- these were back-up pants because he had gotten really dirty doing who-knows-what earlier in the day! : )


Mom A said...

Brendan, you're the best kind of Dad! Cole will remember that for years!

Dad Sevin said...

Great Job Brendan!