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Cole Update

This evening I went to Cole's parent teacher conference with his two teachers, Jessica and Julie.  Cole has been having a wonderful time in Preschool at Applewood. Everyday when we pick him up he says he doesn't want to leave and every morning he can't wait to go to school. He always wants to bring something into school to share with his class- yesterday it was his Memory game, today it was a puzzle. I like that he wants to bring activities in to share with his classmates.  The meeting with his teachers went well-   they highlighted the fact that Cole has been expressing himself really well in the past several months.  He talks about his emotions and explains why he doesn't want to do something or is upset about something- so his maturity has developed significantly since October.  He gets along with all of the children and I was actually surprised to hear that about 8 out of 10 times he is initiating the activities and creative play ideas because often at home I see him following whatever the other child he is playing with suggests.   And, he is still seen as the class clown, one of them any way!

They have created a Memory book for Cole like the infant room did with Charlotte. I love to look through these books, they have captured great pictures and quotes.  One quote in this book made me laugh. "I have my red socks on, I got them at Target off of the shelf with Mommy."  Cole just had to have those red socks one day we were at Target- he loves to wear them!

Again, as with Charlotte, I am so pleased with Applewood and the level of care they bestow on my Cole.  He loves it there, loves his teachers, and his friends.  

And funny the end of it, Jessica and I got into a conversation about Facebook and about how we are both addicted. I don't know how we got onto this topic but we both had a good laugh about it.  Ah, Facebook....I rue the day I got an account with you!!!

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Lisa said...

Such a great picture of Cole! Everything I hear about Applewood has been great, if we had to switch, we'd definately go there! Perhaps he doesn't initiate because some of his playmates are bossy, and unopen to suggestion? Ahem... Caden! You have best of both worlds, an initiator, and a cooperator! Kudos!