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Figure Skating...ahem...I mean, ice skating..with Kerry

I love now that Cole is older we can introduce him to all kinds of experiences- whether it's hiking or carnival rides or whatever.  Right now, we are introducing ice skating to him and since Kerry is an accomplished skater, who better to teach him than her?!  So far Cole is enjoying it and since he is using double bladed skates, it is a little easier to learn as well. Part way through the lessons he always makes Kerry do a couple spins which she wows the entire public skating session with.  (She's very good!)  I love that Cole can spend some quality time with his Aunt Kerry!

Rob and Caden join in each week for lessons. Caden seems to love skating as well! This past Saturday they skated for over a hour (with Cole having to take a break to talk with Mimi who was here to watch).   Cole and Caden are getting to be such good buddies- we are so lucky we have the Rogers right across the street-- we all are good buddies! he-he.

Classic Brendan. 'Nuff said.


Lisa said...

Great Pictures! The kids will be doing laps around the rink on their own in no time! That must be Brendan landing his double axle?!

Katrina said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The picture of Brendan is hilarious!

Mom said...

Sign him up for the Ice Capades!
Brendan, the natural FIGURE Skater!
"Naturally" he's an entertainer!

LOVE the pictures of Cole learning to skate!