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Eating, Growing, and Letting Go

So, last night was the first night of not making special dinners for Cole AND not bringing any attention to what or how much Cole is eating. Dinner was so enjoyable for everyone! I'm sure it will be many moons before we see Cole try some of his dinner but we will be patient and watchful. For the other meals/snacks of the day he will continue to have his healthy and balanced options which he gobbles up like they are going out of style. I really think that as soon as Cole loses the idea of dinner being a stand-off then trying new foods will be easier.  

With all of his (or my) dinner issues, Cole is still growing! Every half year we measure Cole on his nifty little growth chart. These pictures are a recreated scene just so I could take photos, as Brendan officially measured Cole on his half-birthday, Feb 6th,  and I was unavailable since I was not feeling well that night and went to bed super-early. Cole has grown 2 whole inches since August 6th! goes by so quickly, doesn't it?!

Which brings me to the "letting go" part of my post. It's silly really, but this week I gave away Cole's crib bumper/toddler quilt from Pottery Barn which I loved but had no reason to keep. (Oh, how I remember how excited I was, pregnant with Cole and receiving his bedding in the mail- so long ago!) I also gave away the swing, Charlotte's PB crib bumper and matching rug, as well as the Boppy.  I found good homes for them and I think Brendan was amazed that I let these things go.  I do know we will not have any more children- intentionally, that is- so these things had to go to make room for more "stuff."  Sniff, sniff!


Amanda said...

Yay for eating, growing and letting go!

Lisa said...

Wow! 2" Cole doesn't need dinner! You are so good to give up the kids things! I was actually just about to start doing some of that myself before Baby C#3 happened along! Good thing I held off! Rob read your post last night, and told me I had to tell Brendan that he has 9 more years before his next baby! Genetics right?! I personally am not on board with his campaign!

Kelly said...

Yea- 2" and still he's shorter than Caden! : )

Tell Rob to watch it. : )

Mom said...

My heart felt as though it would burst FOR you! You're stronger than I am - I still have the basement corner full of things to prove it! "But I am keeping these for our grandchildren!"