Super Sevins


Just like my brother....

For Valentine's Day this year, Cole choose to give out "Cars" themed cards to the other children in his class.  He took this job very seriously and Brendan helped him over the course of 3 separate nights, write out his name on the cards. Every day last week Cole would come home with more candy and cards from one classmate or another (since some only go part-time and weren't there on Friday).  Cole and I also made pink cupcakes for the class which I'm told were a big hit (of course! They were cupcakes afterall!)  

So anyway, each time Cole sat down to write out his Valentine's, Charlotte had to sit at the table as well and color a card too.  She was very serious about it and didn't get up from the table until Cole did! I think it's hilarious how much Charlotte follows Cole. I can just see where this is going as they both grow up. ("Charlotte- stop following me", says Cole)  I just have to giggle about it.  On another note about coloring, Charlotte LOVES it!  Cole never showed interest in it when he was this age which I just find completely fascinating. Can't help but compare how each one grows against the other!


Katrina said...

Charlotte is looking more and more like you. She looks so big coloring all by herself!

Lisa said...

I wonder if it is a girl thing... Cole decided to color the couch today... and I thought a yellow crayon was safe to give him!