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We weren't going anywhere in this picture but we were in the TV room and Charlotte pulled her jacket and hat off of the chair and made me put them on her. She has this thing about putting on items lately- she's really trying hard to learn new things - how to put on hats, jackets, and she loves shoes.  In this photo, Charlotte was trotting over to the window and would point and say "ou-tie" (that's outside for those of you who do not speak Charlotte-talk).  I can't wait for spring/summer so we can go out whenever we want!  
Charlotte likes to display the Mardi Gras beads!
I love this photo.  Cole and Brendan love to play "tackle" and wrestling and all that boy stuff that Mommies are no good at. : )

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Mom said...

Oh, Yes! It's good to have a large room so that "Daddy" can throw the nerf ball around with the kids, too! I think the spot from an especially hard throw it still on the wall (j.k.)!