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When Brendan and I went to UNH way back when we used to go to hockey games all of the time. Often we went to away games with our friends Sean and Kerry and we just had so much fun.  Those days are long gone but the good times we had I will cherish always.  I haven't been to a UNH hockey game @ UNH in a long time, maybe 10 years?!  So when Ethan called us up on Wednesday night to say he could get tickets to a UNH/BC game at UNH I was so excited!  And we brought the kids which surprisingly turned out really well. Cole couldn't stop talking about the game on Friday afternoon and he was just as thrilled to be there during the game.  Aidyn and Charlotte were tired and snuggled on up for the most part but a good time was had by all!  I did miss "Black Betty" being played as UNH came on the ice but they played all of the other tunes that they were playing back in my college days.  Cole loved Wild E. Cat and kept looking for him around the arena.  Of course, to top it all off- UNH won so it was just a perfect night!
I had to take a picture of the crazy student section which is of course where Brendan and I used to sit. We would get there about an hour before game time and get seats with our friends right next to the glass. Unknown fact about us- we became NESN file footage one night! We were watching a game at my house and all of a sudden it was the end of the game and there was footage on the TV of us cheering at "a" game.  Hey! Too funny. : )

Aidyn and Cole got these adorable blue hoody UNH Hockey sweatshirts. There is just something about a hoody sweatshirt that I think is so adorable! : )
Aidyn was sleepy, but often silly! : )

Here's another one who was very silly...more so the more tired he became. He insisted on wearing this sweatshirt to bed tonight. I don't think he has plans on taking it off tomorrow either. : )

This photo has a very funny story behind it.  Wild E. Cat came down our row/area and Cole just had to go say "hi".  He got a photo with him, gave him high five, all of that fun stuff, but then Wild E. just decided to pick up my boy and carry him down the stairs and  promptly sit in a empty seat to watch the game with Cole.  I was like, "Hey what is going on here?!" but I just followed with my camera.  As they sat down, Cole just started up a conversation with the folks around him and told them about his bouncy ball his Mommy had got him and the beads his Uncle  Ethan had given him.  He was totally unphased! 

We had a blast with E, K, and A as always!

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Katrina said...

That was a fun night! Aidyn is still talking ALL about Cole :)