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What's a little fondue between friends?

Valentine's Day was filled with lots of fun, love, and laughter. After the aquarium, we scooted off to ice skating lessons, and then back to home. I quickly threw together some melt-in-your-mouth steaks and to-die-for mashed potatoes (if you've never seen Sunny Anderson's recipe for Red, White, and Blue mashed potatoes, you really must check out the Food Network's recipe site).  Then, the Rogers Five came over to our house for some yummy chocolate fondue for dessert! So good. You'll notice Brendan's Martha-Stewart-esque  pineapple presentation- Brendan thought he was pretty ingenious for sticking the top of the pineapple core in the middle of the plate.   We had strawberries, pineapple, pound cake, and as you can see from Cole and Caden- marshmallows as well.  They gobbled them up and half the time forgot to dip them in chocolate. That's ok- more for us!  Charlotte had a little pound cake and loved it. Cole (R.) was MIA from the group photo because he was busy checking out the  kid table, but as soon as he realized there was yummy stuff on the table he joined us!  It was a nice night...maybe the last night before Rogers' baby #3 joins us!

Overall, a very wonderful and satisfying Valentine's Day!!

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Lisa said...

A delicious evening!! and Caden says a word to describe it is "fun"! He loves his time spent with "friend Cole" which is great because we like friend Kelly and friend Brendan!! and at last our Cole is playing nice with friend Charlotte!!