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Sled Doggin'

This past Sunday Cole enjoyed a nice, quiet little ride on a dogsled.  

Actually it was much crazier than that!  

Every year Paw-paw and Grammy are part of a dog sled championship program.  Part of the day on Sunday includes a "race" with 3 year olds on up.  We talked it up with Cole the day before but when he got there he was very shy and was not comfortable (at first) sitting in the sled for a picture. I think it was a little overwhelming-- we got there right before the race started and then we trotted on down to the start line, then Cole sat in the sled, ready for take-off and then he was gone and 20 seconds later it was over. Very quick!  Cole loved it though and especially enjoyed the trophy he received in the end!  He ended up bringing it to Preschool today to show it off! : )

I love this photo. Cole would later in the day tell me, "Mommy I saw you!" and he kept telling me that. 
Accepting his award.

Cole and Cameron compare trophies. They are such good boys- waiting patiently during the trophy hand-out.  I am so thankful that Cole has Cameron as a cousin and as a friend so close in age and so close in proximity.  When I was younger all my cousins lived out west so I love the fact that Cole is growing up with so many wonderful family members around him.  I am thankful for each one of you! 

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Amanda said...

Cameron, too, carried his trophy around for days. He even brought it to gymnastics!

Cole and Cameron are so cute together! We are thankful they can spend so much time together too. Soon Charlotte and Olivia's age difference will disappear and they will be playing together too!