Super Sevins



I started another little project in our house.....renovating our 1/2 bath downstairs. Well, let me clarify, it's taken me at least 2 weeks to remove some of the wallpaper in the bathroom. I will still need to refinish the cabinets, replace the hardware, paint the walls, and then my darling husband will replace the sink and toilet.  

So yesterday I was in there, minding my own business, removing wallpaper, listening to Tim McGraw on my IPod, singing along and then I turn around, and Brendan is standing there with a big smile on his face, filming me. 

His exact words were, I believe, "Your singing was so horrible, I just had to tape you."  

Hey! Now that is not acceptable!

Now- he has something on me I guess! : )


Katrina said...

That's hilarious! Good luck with the bathroom-- we're still working on ours as well. Such a pain!

Lisa said...

Swwet! So when are you posting your video?!!