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First day of "Spring"

We were outside for most of the day.  Cole could not wait to get out there and was asking to go out at 7 in the morning!  We spent a great deal of the morning playing outside and playing with the Rogers (ah, just like old times again!).  Charlotte and I took an hour long walk around our neighborhood while Brendan and Cole went to the library and to the grocery store.  Charlotte slept the whole time and I enjoyed the walk and seeing our neighborhood folks outside. I swear this neighborhood is just like the movie Pleasantville sometimes- everyone is just so friendly! I do love it though.  When Charlotte and I were done our walk, she was still sleeping so I started organizing the garage a bit.  Wouldn't you know it but I found my winter boots of course after winter is just about done!  They were hiding in a corner under an umbrella and a plastic bag. Arg. 

Charlotte can actually push herself on this bike now! She is just long enough! and very much enjoys the fact that she is a "big" girl now!

I took this shot because I am in love with the color of Charlotte's hair. Strawberry blonde is just beautiful. I hope it stays!

I captured this smile from far away when Cole didn't know I was taking a photo. : )

And of course the strawberry hat had to make its appearance as well.

Love this shot.

Cole and Caden took turns swinging at snowballs thrown by Brendan.

Cole (R) and Charlotte are very interested in Caden's project of making alphabet soup! Which by the way consisting of making snowballs and then tossing them in the puddle at the end of the driveway which was presented to me as my lunch. Why, thank you, Caden! : )

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Lisa said...

I am so jealous of your long walk with Charlotte! I wanted to do that, but ended up making paper airplanes with Caden while Rob, Cole and Cora slept! then I went grocery shopping.. by myself! it was such a peaceful trip!
Great pictures! Such a great day! Can't wait for the clock change! We'll get to have after dinner playtime again!! WOOHOO!