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...Kelly and I confess…I have a problem…I can’t stop taking pictures!  (Ok, folks- I’m sure there are other problems that you can name about me, but let’s just keep that to ourselves, shall we?!)  Last year, for my “birthing present” when Charlotte was born, Brendan bought me an amazing “L series” lens for my SLR camera.  If you see the photographers on the sidelines of sporting events, you’ll see the signature Canon L series black and white striped lens.  Now, of course, my lens is no where near the perfection that those photographers have…but I do love what I have.  It’s powerful, and takes the clearest, fantastic pictures.  So, needless to say, I snap away on beautiful days such as this past Sunday and I just can’t stop! I usually go through my photos and have about 50 (no joke) out of about the 200 I take that I want to post on this blog because each one captures a different smile, expression, or “look”.  Alas, my blog entries would be ridiculous if I posted all of them so go through them and choose, I must. I still need to go to a photography course; Katrina found a really great one close by so I’m hoping to sign up for it soon! So excited!

Here are some  photos of our time outside. (I swear, I do play with my children- there's only about 15 minutes of me snapping away like a mad woman! he-he)

Signs of life! A little chipmunk scurries out of our wood pile.

I promise you- this tackle was intentional. You cannot tell but they are both cracking up.  Such little boys.

I love this photo. It just shows a special moment between Daddy and Daughter.

Game time!

Cole  "helps" Charlotte with the siren. : ) Such a good big brother.

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Lisa said...

Hey Kelly! If you start a support group, I'll join!! Such great pictures.. and how can you resist with such photogenic subjects! and with great weather like we've been having there is so much more opportunity! outdoor shots are so much better than indoor photos! hooray for spring!