Super Sevins


The King Edward gang

I am so thrilled!! We bought a bike trailer so we can all go on lots of long bike rides this spring and summer. rides...over hills...and...wait a minute--- do I have to pull this thing?!   Ha-ha.  It'll be fun and such a good workout.  Brendan put it together lickety split on Sunday and we tried it out.  Next week we pick up Brendan's new bike!!

Sans bike trailer...we went for a nice walk with the  Rogers gang on Sunday. We are a pretty tough lot...four adults, 2 preschoolers, 2 toddlers, and an infant. Watch out! We are loud, fun...and well...ok, that's about it. : )  After a busy weekend, taking an hour long walk was just what we wanted to do. It was so great to get out again and walk around with my peeps. Ha-ha, I crack myself up.

Got a good  pic of all of us but the two craziness decided they did not want to be part of the picture, deciding instead to be monkees and show off their most impressive faces. 

The last pic is great-- we were a ways from home and Cole informed us he had to go the bathroom (man, can this kid pee!) so Brendan took him for his first pee in the woods. I was so proud. ha-ha.   Well, on the way back home, Cole again informed us that he had to pee and so Brendan sat him the bike trailer/slash double stroller and a race up the hill was then in place!  However, Cole kindly informed a very out of breath Brendan that he did not have to go pee. I think he just wanted to pee in the woods again! Oh that is my little boy!!


Amanda said...

Looks like fun! And it looks like you have much less snow than we do :(

I will definitely make Charlotte a new fruit hat. Do you want a different fruit?

doubletrouble said...

Your kids are adorable! Cole has quiet a little personality...he's too cute!