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Easter Egg Hunt/Run

Our town's police department puts on a Easter Egg Hunt every year for children younger than 10. This was our first year and it was exciting!  When I say "Hunt" it really is more like a race.  Hundreds of eggs are scattered over two large soccer fields and the kids line up to run and get them when the whistle is blown.  I've never seen anything like it- it's like this big wave of children running, running to pick up eggs and they get to the end of the field in like 5 minutes and then the "wave" walks/runs back. Cole held his own though and managed about 10 eggs, plus I had picked up about 3 for Charlotte and gave them to him as well. Charlotte was very antsy before race but once they let everyone go she found one egg and then she was happy.  Ah, simple joys!   Cole got his picture taken with the Easter bunny but Charlotte let out a holler as soon as she was within 3.2 feet of the bunny.  Next year maybe!  So, all in all, we spent about 20 minutes waiting for it to begin, 5 minutes for it to be over, 20 minutes opening eggs.  Cole and Charlotte were happy though and it was a beautiful sunny day!  Cole and Charlotte were a bit tired and fell asleep on the way back- we all ended up taking a 2 hour nap on the couch after that. I love it! Ah, if every day could be so great.
Cole and Brendan lay out their strategery (he-he)  for picking up the eggs.

All done! Charlotte and I wait for Cole and Brendan to come back.
Charlotte was perfectly happy opening and closing her egg and putting the candy in and taking it out!
Before and After the run!!

A ginormous hill that Cole did NOT climb...this year anyway!


Lisa said...

So sad we missed it!! So as I was reading your post Cole came over and when he saw Chatlitte's picture he said "Sha-ut" which I think is "Charlotte" because he said it on another pic too!
Love the framing on the Spidey-Cole pic!! You and Katrina are so fancy with your collages! I need to get me some software! I actually told Rob that that was going to be my next purchase!

Kelly said...

Hey Lisa- I know! We missed you guys there too.

That's awesome that Cole is saying Charlotte's name now!! : )

The collages are from a free site called You can just goggle it and then dowload it to your computer. It's super cool!

Mom said...

You geeks are a riot!

I LOVED the pictures - they really do speak a thousand words! Gr-Grandma G will love it, too.
I love Charlotte"s intensity in playing with the egg!