Super Sevins



This is Charlotte begging for another marshmallow as we decorated the cupcakes.

And this is Aidyn eating a marshmallow and looking at Charlotte while doing so. : )

Pretty cute, I think!

Pillow fight!


Yeah...this is what happens when the game closet is left open and no one is watching the toddler.
Pig pile!

Just rain out there guys!

Cole was tired from all of that playing!

But perked right up at the site of the colored eggs!

OK, lame name for a post but I couldn't think of what to call this post...after a long day..I am tired!  Ethan, Katrina, and Aidyn came over for a visit on Saturday and we have a lovely time. It was raining all day so it spoiled the plans Katrina and I had made to go to the Derry park but there will be lots of time for that in the later spring and summer!  We had a lot of fun anyway...the boys loved being football players (Cole insists he is a Dolphin know much to his Daddy's dismay) and we decorate cupcakes and Easter eggs.  I can really see Cole and Aidyn start to play together more and that is just so cool!

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Katrina said...

This was a fun day! I loved watching Aidyn & Cole playing and Aidyn & Charlotte sharing...too cute!!

I have about 1500 pictures to go through from the past few days. I'll be amazed if I ever get around to it and posting :)