Super Sevins


King of (our own) Playground

I am so excited!! I have been wanting a swing set for Cole and Charlotte ever since we moved into this house. Actually one of my reasons I wanted this house we are in over another one was because of its yard and suitability for a swing set!!  Well, here is what our swing set looked like at 7:44am this morning in our garage.
Here is what the area looked like at 7:45am before the work began.

Here is Cole helping to bring over the wood at 9:42am.

Here are Steve-o, Jay, and Brendan figuring out the plans at 10:14am.

Pieces are up! So exciting!
(12 noon)

It's beginning to take shape at 2:00pm!

Look at that!! Work continues at 3:44pm...

Cole takes a break from playing to checkout his new fort area of the set.

Woo-hoo!  Look at what is up! (6:19pm)

And here it is at 6:51pm!!  Cole and Charlotte got to try out their new swings!!  I didn't get a picture of it completed because Jay, Paw-paw, and Brendan got the slide up after it turned dark.  It took over 11 hours to complete this and we couldn't have done this by ourselves.  I am so thankful for everyone that helped out today. Thank you Thank you!!! Cole and Charlotte will have years of fun on this!!


Amanda said...

That looks great! Cole and Charlotte are going to have a ton of fun!

Lisa said...

Sweet!! Now we don't need to set ours up! We'll just come use yours!

Nice work!! Looks like the kids are having tons of fun already.. and it has paid for itself!