Super Sevins


What an absolutely beautiful day!!! And yes, this kind of day deserves multiple exclamation points. Ha-ha.   I know it's the end of the April when the forcyn, forcin-ok, can't spell them-- those beautiful yellow flowering bushes are in bloom. I absolutely love them and the previous owners were so kind as to plant a large row of them on the right side of our property.  I've watched them carefully and the past day they have just popped with color.  So pretty.

Every once in awhile I am able to catch a perfect smile from Cole (and not the for-show kind of smile)!
This was Charlotte's happy face just seconds after coming off of the slide. She absolutely loves the slide- on our set or the park or whatever. The best way to describe it is just absolute glee.

And we opened the sandbox! Already I think it is getting more use than last summer. 

The set has a "store front" so Cole served us ice cream and grilled cheese (his favorites of course) and I paid him with a kiss. : )

Who's next?

We went to the nursery to check out bark mulch prices and Cole choose a pansy for the flower box in front of the swing set. He was so proud of it and kept asking me what kind of flower it was.

And we had to water it of course!  He told me that he would water it every day (his own words), but we'll see how long that lasts. : )  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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