Super Sevins



You can either laugh or sympathize with me on this one...

I had someone ask me today if I was pregnant! What??!!  No, I certainly am not, thank you very much. 

This person (grrrrr)  told me I had a glow about me and he thought I was pregnant.  I laughed it off and told him that it must be the new face scrub I was using. Then I thanked him for the compliment.  Ha-ha.

This was especially upsetting because I walked out the door today wearing a new dress and feeling very slim and beautiful, to say the least!

My day did not go up much from that incident.  Just one of those days that would be nice to forget.

Thank goodness I can start fresh again in about 8 hours. : )


Lisa said...

Well, I only laugh because you are a pencil... so it really had to have been your happy glow! Me on the other hand have gained weight on top of the weight I already needed to lose on this vacation! Exercise here I come once we get home! For Real this time!!

PS.. thanks so much for keeping Ivy happy!! We'll see you real soon!

Katrina said...

I agree with Lisa-- it definitely had to have been because he really thought you were glowing. He probably genuinely thought he was complimenting you... which really does make me laugh. You definitely don't look pregnant!

And...I tagged you on my blog!!