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8 Things

My darling SIL and friend Katrina tagged me! And I’m a sucker for these kinds of things.
So here goes….Here's how 8 THINGS works:-
Mention the person that tagged you.- Complete the lists of 8's.- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.- Go tell them you tagged them!

- I’m still looking forward to my birthday even though I am no longer happy about turning another year older!
-My Grandpa’s visit in July…he’s coming all the way from Nevada!! So excited!!
-Going to Ogunquit, the mountains, the water parks, everything that can be done during the Summer months.
-Going to Nevada to visit my Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins in November.
-Seeing Charlotte dressed in her summer dresses. There is just something about a little girl in pigtails and a summer dress and barefeet that is just so adorable.
-Watching Cole play Tball in May/June. He’s growing up!
-Actually learning how to use my camera in photography class in May.
-Picking (and eating and baking with) fresh strawberries and blueberries.

- Organized all of the recipes that I have torn out of magazines into a neat and tidy binder.
-Wrestled Cole in order to give him his eye drops for his conjunctivitis. (ha-ha, not fun- but he obliged after I promised chocolate and his favorite book.)
-Was so excited to hear Charlotte say “apple” and “please” for the first time.
-Worked and made lots of important decisions. (ha-ha)
-Watched “The Office” and laughed really hard.
-Drank more than half a bottle of wine by myself. Oops! Please note that this was not during work. : )
-Spent my Gymbucks and did some “window” shopping at Boden and Hanna Anderssen
-Marveled at the fact that Brendan found a new recipe for dinner and made it himself.

8 THINGS I WISH I COULD DO:- Sigh…be a stay at home Mom.
-Finish raking those leaves out of the flower beds
-Plant some flowers in the flower bed.
-Take a day off just to clean the house.
-Take a vacation to somewhere wonderful with my family.
-Bake a cheesecake just because (maybe I will do this!)
-Finish reading the book I started last month.
-Find a hobby I love and stick with it.

- The Office
-House Hunters
-Divine Design
-I’m going to lump about 10 shows together and just say the entire Food Network
-What Not to Wear
-Friday Night Lights


What? And if I don’t…then what? I’m not going to do it and just see what happens. : ) If you read this and feel like posting on your blog then I will happily read the answers. : )

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