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My Favorite Kind of Friday Nights

Ah yes, my favorite kind of Friday night is:

- Leave work early.
-Have a low key dinner out on the porch!
-Play until it gets dark
-Snuggle with my children!

All except the first part happened this past Friday. I actually got out really late but luckily was still home in time to have dinner out on the porch for the first time since last summer!! Love it!!  The previous owners had built this fantastic picnic table and it is so wonderful for easy, peasy dinners.  

Charlotte is such a good eater and is willing to try anything. Here she is asking for more pizza! She ate two whole pieces that night! I'm pretty sure this girl is on a growth spurt because all she is doing is eating lately! I love the photo of Charlotte eating her pizza because her hazel eyes just pop. Such a pretty girl.  To me, I can't believe how much more she is looking like a toddler and less like a baby.  Sniff, sniff!   When we all went out to play after dinner, Charlotte really wanted to ride on Brendan's bike. I think she already wants to grow up! She does settle for the tricycle or the Big Wheel though! The last photo of Cole was actually taken on Wednesday night when he came down with conjunctivitis (yuck) but he was a happy camper and was kind enough to smile for the camera after I spiked his hair after a hair wash. He just looks so cool even with gunky eyes! Cole was really funny with the eye drops for this though- he and I made a chart with pictures of little bugs. And we would cross off the bugs every time I administered the eye drops so he could see how many more times we had to do it.  He was really proud when we reached the last one!

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Lisa said...

That is a really great idea with the bug chart! I'll defnately use that if we ever have to administer those tortuous drops again!! Caden had to have them when he was a baby.. and it turned out after the entire however many days, it was allergies, so we tortured him for nothing! It was horrible!