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My favorite kind of Saturday

This photo amazingly was not staged!  Cole sat down and Charlotte actually wanted to sit on Cole's lap.  Too cute.

We decided Cole was old enough (and ready) to have a bicycle. He already has the hang of it really well and has been zooming up and down the driveway like a madman (literally).  When I say he has the hang of it- I mean he goes very well but stopping is still a challenge. Yikes!

I just thought this photo of Charlotte asleep in her carseat was too, too cute.

This is by far one of my favorites of Charlotte. Such good colors. Don't you just love her Kentucky Derby hat?  Lands End, folks.  Such good stuff.

And we had a picnic again this year for lunch right in our front yard!  Many more to come.....

Then Grammy and Paw-Paw visited and were kind enough to buy ice cream for Cole. We always hear the truck in our neighborhood but it rarely comes down our street. I guess they will more often now knowing there is a little boy who lives here!

Love this family photo.

Charlotte got some push-up sorbet.  She has a funny face on but she loved it!

Yes, spiderman ice cream.

We had a very full day and were outside for about 75% of it, but when we came in at 7pm and Cole wound down by watching Dumbo, Charlotte would have none of it! She went for her coat (even though it was still 80- she is so used to needing her coat for outside!) and stood by the door and said "out" and "open".  I took her for a walk around the neighborhood and all the while, she sang me a little song.  I love being a Mom.

My heart did break a little bit today though when Cole told me "You hurt my feelings".  You see, I thought he was done with the spiderman ice cream and had thrown it away- but he evidently wasn't because he was very upset later on when he asked for the rest and then told me that and that I had made him sad.  Oooo, ouch, my heart.  

Overall though it was a great day and tomorrow promises to be just as wonderful!!

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Katrina said...

Great post! I can't believe how fast all the kids are growing up-- Cole looks so big on that bike.

The first picture of Cole & Charlotte in the chair should definitely be framed! Beautiful!