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And it's official...

So many things mark the start of spring...  Mack's ice cream opening on May 1st is one of them!  They serve  Richardson's ice cream which just awesome! Richardson's is what Brendan and I are used to having since we lived in Salem (Richardson's is in Middleton MA only about 15 minutes away from Salem).  It's superb!! 

Cole was also excited to go feed the ducks and goats again. Goats were still in the barn or wherever they keep them for the winter and only a handful of male ducks were in the pond but Cole and Caden had fun with them anyway.  We ended up going back to Mack's on Saturday with some friends and brought bread for the ducks but they would have none of it- instead we feed the yucky catfish that were in the pond.  
Cole's favorite flavor is by far strawberry. 

Now the story behind this picture is absolutely hilarious. Cole (Rogers) thought it was very much fun to throw rocks at the ducks. Finally after telling Cole not to do that several times, Lisa brought him over to the sign and said, "See Cole it says don't throw rocks at the ducks."  Ah, I guess you had to be there. I thought it was funny. : )
And if Charlotte could she would have run right into the water after those ducks. No fear on this one.  

Such a good night and we've got months and months of them ahead of us!

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Lisa said...

Such a yummy evening!! Charlotte will be great fun in the pool this year!! and its a good thing you have a gate!!