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Wonder and Respect

Dandelions, although technically weeds, will always be a thing of wonder and beauty to children.  I was raking the flower beds today and Caden called to me from his walk with his grandmother, "Hey Miss Kelly, Don't forget to take care of your dandelions!"  I laughed and told Caden I'd let Charlotte pick them.  Lisa and Rob- you have your child trained well.

Charlotte bopped around the yard yesterday and picked several of them and would hold them up to her face to smell them and then rip them to shreds.  She spent awhile trying to find them all- but evidently she left some in our yard for Caden to point out to me the next day! Ha-ha!

Brendan refs a couple women's professional football games (yes you read that right!) in the spring.  I bought Cole a tshirt that says "Respect the Ref". Technically it is a soccer ref on the shirt but Cole loves it because it looks just like his Dad!


Lisa said...

SO cute!! I love the pictures of Charlotte with the dandelions!! The picture of Cole and Brendan is priceless!!

Mom said...

It's so cool the way your camera is always there! How do you ever get anything done!?
You really should submit a photo sometime to a contest!

Kelly said...

Ha-ha, Mummy. The trick is...I don't get anything else done. : )