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First Playdate

We had Cole’s friend Zachary from Applewood along with the rest of his family over for a playdate on Saturday. We all had such a great time!! Cole’s been to friends’ birthday parties but this was the first time we had a playdate from school at our house and it was so great to see Cole interact so well with Zachary! They giggled, and played, and were all around such good buddies. It makes me happy to see that he making good friends at school! I think their favorite activity was playing with the ring toss game on our porch after our lunch. They were both so great at taking turns and standing on the ottoman and making up silly games. We all went out for ice cream and to feed the ducks at Mack’s after lunch (yes, I know we were also there the night before!) and as we were driving away from Mack’s Cole kept saying “But I don’t want to leave Zachary.” I think he said that off and on for the next hour!

Zachary also has a little baby brother- 9 months old- that is in the infant room with Charlotte. Although Charlotte knows Mason well she was so tired during the playdate that she hardly paid attention to Mason. Today when I dropped Charlotte off at Applewood, Mason was already there and you should have seen the hugs that Charlotte was giving to Mason- I wish I had my camera because it was beyond adorable. Mason tried to give her kisses and offered her toys. I think I already have to start watching out for the boys for this girl!!

Brendan and I really enjoyed ourselves with Zachary and Mason’s parents- Dianna and Jake! We have some common interests and they are great people and all in all, it was a really great morning!

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Katrina said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun! I can't wait until Aidyn starts to have play dates.