Super Sevins


"Darn you, otitis media!!"

....she yells as she angrily shakes her fist at the heavens.

Let me collect myself...


Charlotte had her 15 month doctor's visit today and come to find out this child has yet another double ear infection (or otitis media, the infection of the middle ear) in a month's time span. She's been on 2 rounds of antibiotics, one stronger than the first, and she either keeps getting reinfected or its not going away. Now she's on another even stronger round of antibiotics which I am not happy about at all. We have another doctor's appointment in 2 weeks to see if its still present. The weird thing is that she hasn't had a fever and she hasn't necessarily been upset- so I never even suspected she had one (or two). Blah.........I certainly do not want to think about tubes for her.

As an aside- my peanut of a daughter is 20.6 pounds and 28 1/4 inches-- that would be the 10% percentile for each. Brendan and I have already decided gymnastics are in her future and we are beginning to prepare for the 2020 summer Olympics. : )


Lisa said...

How embarrassing for Cora? She's going to outgrow Charlotte by 9 months!! Our little Amazon Baby!!

Katrina said...

She is a little peanut! So delicate & adorable!

That really stinks about her ears--I hope it clears up for her.

doubletrouble said...

I am sorry! I hope that she feels better and her ears clear up soon!
She is a peanut...but so darn cute!

Mom said...

Don't yuou just love a child that keeps to her appointed schedule without having a fever while she's affected! The way Charlotte eats there are no worries about health anyway, even if she's lower on the growth chart! Gr Grma Gertie will love that appetite!