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Fishing Derby

This past Sunday Cole, Brendan, and my Dad went to a fishing derby.  My Dad bought Cole his own fishing rod which Cole is extremely proud of!! It is a Superman fishing rod with its own tacklebox that clips to Cole's pants and everything. Don't ask me what Superman has to do with fishing but Cole loves it. : )

Cole loves playing with worms after rainstorms and was equally happy to hold them from the container!

Yay! They caught one! Actually they ended up catching two which Cole was so proud of! 

Most of the rest of Sunday Cole practiced tossing the line in the yard. He got really good at it and told me he could it all by himself at the next fishing derby Grandpa took him to!  He had a great time- so glad we are close for Cole to spend special events with my Dad-its great!

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Mimi said...

Cole - Your practice throwing the fishing line made Grandpa really proud! He was glad you caught the two fish - they made a really good dinner! I have another book to find for you - The Man Who Cooked for Himself.