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Greener Grass and Evil Auto

Um, no, I am not referring to the Disney Wall-E Movie character when I say "evil auto" although that is what my mind jumped to as soon as I had typed the words. Hey, I'm a mom to a 4-year-old, what can I say?  

Lisa and I started our first photography lessons this past Wednesday at SOPHA and I am loving, loving, LOVING it. After one lesson, I finally know how to actually use my digital SLR.  Amazing. It is going to take a lot of practice to know when to adjust shutter speed and aperture but I've been tinkering around with photos to practice. Amazing, is all I have to say. We've got three more weeks and then I am definitely signing up for the composition photo class.  So, the main lesson of Wednesday was "Auto is Evil" meaning your auto function of your SLR is not to be used.  All manual modes, my friend, unless you want boring, uninspiring pictures, or so says Mr Bud Thorpe, studio manager and photographer extraordinaire. I think my pics on Auto haven't been that bad, but we are talking about someone who takes just phenomenal photos. So I am trying very hard to use Manual mode but with children who won't stay still and me still practicing it is very difficult!

My other "lesson" from this week comes from my bestest friend, Robyn. Robyn is a stay-at-home Mum and we were lucky enough to meet half way between our homes for drinks and conversation tonight. I had such a wonderful time but it is amazing how we see one another's lives as great and what we what instead.   Grass is not always greener but most times it sure looks that way!

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