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A Day with Maw-Maw

Last Friday we went out to the coast with Maw-Maw who is visiting from Louisiana.  The great thing about Cole's age is that he remembered who Maw-Maw was when we were telling him about her impending visit.  It all goes back to the first time she met Cole when he was about 5 or 6 weeks old, we went apple picking, Brendan was filming and he asked her what we were doing (you know, for the camera's sake in case people viewing couldn't see the trees laden with bright red apples), and she said "We're picking apples today." Now I cannot even attempt to convey this in words but the inflection in her voice, combined with the southern accent was a line that stuck and Brendan and I love to repeat it.   So Maw Maw became the apple lady to Cole when he met her last year and now she is just Great Maw Maw but that will always be remembered. We are so blessed that she is able to visit and Cole and Charlotte are able to enjoy her.  Cole loves being silly with her and Great Maw Maw and Charlotte now have a little game going about Great Maw Maw "getting" Charlotte's toes. Charlotte lifts up her feet when she has seen Maw Maw this past week. It is too too cute.

Anyway, we went to New Castle Beach which is a state beach here in NH and is just awesome for finding shells and crabs and other fine ocean friends.  I have many many pics of me as a little girl poking through tide pools and gathering shells.  Cole loved doing just that this time around. Charlotte was fearless and started running to the water and going in up to her knees and would have gone farther if I had let her!  Her personality is complex and I am still learning more about this little girl every day. Sometimes shy, often silly, and always curious, this girl keeps me guessing and I love it!

Blue sky like you read about! ( Hey, wait, you just did! Ha!)  I crack myself up. Sigh...

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Mom said...

Don't be surprised if one day Charlotte brings home with a drawn picture of her mother with a camera attached to her face!
These are great pictures, Kelly!