Super Sevins


The power of suit

Brendan and I had an email conversation today that went like this:

B: "Hey, how's your day?"
Me: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
B: "Same problems?"
Me: "Yes, more issues, but no worries because I have my suit on today"
B:  "Complete with super  powers?"
Me: "Yes thank goodness"

I wore a suit to work today and after getting a couple "So how was your interview?" remarks from my staff (who were half joking I think!)- I found wearing a suit to work to be quite....awesome.  I actually felt more confident in it.  My desk was magically cleaned.... I was in two meetings at once.... Problems wonderfully fell into nice neat solutions at my was amazing! Ok- so my day wasn't that smooth (as you can tell from the email) but there is something about wearing a suit that is just really really positive. I think I'll wear it on errands some time and see what happens.  Ha-ha!! Just kidding.... I think.

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