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Neighborly Neighbors!

Yes, I'm behind on my blogging. No, I am not going to post all of my updates tonight. Yes, I will post them soon. No, I will not stop this.  Yes, I will provide a caption for the above pictures!

We see our lovely friends the Rogers so much I don't pull out my camera as much anymore! But I should because these pics will be priceless when they are all graduating high school and during other emotional and bittersweet events!  

I love the pic of Cole and Charlotte looking at one another.  They are like, hey, what's up?

And in the first picture- why is Cole (R.) only wearing one shoe? I've already forgotten! : )


Lisa said...

You are so funny! I think Cole is only wearing one shoe because they are Caden's old crocss and too big so they are always just falling off, but he loves them and insists on wearing them!

New layout! Fun! Love the new header!

Katrina said...

They are so cute. You're both so lucky!