Super Sevins


Good times, good times...

This past Sunday Dianna and Jake invited us to visit them while they were camping at Pawtuckaway State Park. What a little gem this park is!! I loved it! It almost made me want to go camping...almost.  For now, I am fine visiting other people's campers. Well, not people I don't know...visiting them know, just walking up and saying hi... I mean visiting people I know...and only when I am invited!! : )  Lucky for us, that is what happened this past weekend! he-he.  

Mason and Charlotte are in the infant room together and Zachary and Cole are in Preschool II.  Oh my gosh- the cuteness factor with Charlotte and Mason was just off the charts.  And Zach and Cole play so well together...I just love it. We all had a great time!!


doubletrouble said...

Great pictures Kelly! I love the last one of the boys fishing! Your classes are sure paying off! :) And I love the new look of your blog! Looks like you all are having a great summer. The kids are adorable!

Dianna said...

We had so much fun too! So glad you guys came! The kids did have a blast! You are welcome to "camp" with us anytime! :)