Super Sevins


Love it

Kerry came over on Saturday evening to come play and then watch 3 hours of "So You Think You Can Dance" with me. I LOVE this show- the dancing is amazing! Now I am counting the days until Charlotte can start dance class. : )

In this photo, Cole is settling down for the night and watching "Berenstein Bears" (I think). Once the TV is on there is no grabbing his attention!

Cole loves his Aunt Kerry and now that she is back from school and we see her more often Charlotte is warming up to her and loving her as well.   So great....

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Kerry said...

Nooo my friend, this was not Berenstein Bears. "Do you want to make pies? Yes I want to make piessss! Let me see it in your eyes. Yes I want to make piessss! Then tryyy thisss exercise." ;)

I love being home & getting to see Cole & Charlotte now!!