Super Sevins


Ice Ice Baby

I think the temperature of our pool was maybe 65 degrees when Brendan and Cole finally decided to brave the weather and jump in.  It's been so rainy here that our pool has not had the chance to warm up and our pool is just sitting in the background taunting us!!  Brendan decided last weekend that enough was enough and he was just going to (literally) jump in and use the pool he works so hard to open and maintain!  Cole of course could not resist going in either! It a only took him 10 minutes to get to a point where he would jump in and then he was ok once he got in.  This year we are forgoing the life preserver and using the tube instead. He can maneuver through the water so much better this way and he can be by himself which is more fun for everyone!  Cole enticed Brendan to go in last night too but Charlotte and I have yet to do more than just dip our feet in the ice...ahem...I mean water.

Off he goes into the sunset...or at least to the other edge of the pool.

Charlotte was pretty content at the edge splashing her feet.

Love this photo.

Another good one. : )

Summer...summer...where are you???


Lisa said...

Aww!! Such great pics of Cole swimming! I can't wait to be able to go in either!! Your pool looks so sparkly and inviting!

Mom said...

Summer is found only in the southwest. I'm ready to find it, are you?
Love the pics. You're so quick to capture Cole and Charlotte in an act. Hope that pool warms up for your sake, or else Charlotte will never get in!