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I really do have so many pictures to post…from my Grandma Gertie’s trip last week…from Brendan and Cole’s first time in the (freezing cold!) pool…and just random cute photos.. I’ve been either been falling asleep at 8 o’clock (and really there is just no waking me up once I’m off to dreamland) or have been busy returning to de-wallpapering the bathroom (yes! I’ve re-started that project I began in March!) or watching So You Think You Can Dance (the dancing is wonderful!!).

But for now I’ll leave you with links to some really super things I’ve found lately…

Chess in Concert. Here is a link to the preview on Amazon. The music is amazing…Idina Menzel (Wicked, Rent) is one of the leads, as is Adam Pascal (Rent, Aida, Last Five Years) and Josh Groban (LOVE HIM!!). The concert was just on PBS (Great Peformances) for the first time this past Wednesday. I’m sure they will reply it if you want to record it! If you like the preview or love Broadway, I’ll make you a copy of the cd if you’d like. The music is really, really beautiful. I’ve been listening to it on my ipod at work and have to force myself not to burst into song. Ha-ha- I hope that image made you laugh.

I always enjoy a good brain teaser and I like learning new facts as well. Found this website while searching for my some material for a group meeting. They post an update every Tuesday and it is filled with a really positive message and interesting tid-bits.

I follow political, domestic and international, news very closely (gasp! You do, Kelly? I had no idea! That would be sarcasm for those of you who already know that!) I love the columnist Mark Steyn...his writing is very insightful and witty. If you’d like to read his articles you can get most of them here.

The other night I found myself reading blog after blog of the entries for this week’s challenge over at I Heart Faces. It is a wonderful site and I’ve become a follower of the two blogs of the woman who created the site. I always look to learn from others’ photography and see things in the perspectives they have taken images in. If you ever want to suck some time out of your life and never get it back, I highly recommend reading the blogs of people you never met. Ha-ha.

So, if you chose to visit any or all of those sites…enjoy! I’ll post some new pics tonight or tomorrow night…if I decide to again put off the bathroom project. He-he. I rather like the look of peeling, chipped drywall, don’t you?!

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