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Just a little hike...

I'm sorry folks, but I just do not have the ability to whittle down my photographs down to just several! I love them all. : )

Last weekend we went to the Flume and Canon. I have been going to the Flume since I was a little girl but every time I go it is so breathtaking and beautiful. I absolutely love it there. Believe it or not, having grown up in NH, I do not think I had ever taken the ride up Canon until I met Brendan!  Since then we have been up (and down!) several times.  

It is wonderful to experience this again and have our children go through the same wonders as I did (and still do)!

We stopped for a nice picnic for lunch. Aidyn and Cole were much more interested in the big sticks and impressing us all with their strength!

Cole loved the rushing water! He had no problem sticking his hand in the river and then taking off his shoes and getting his feet wet! I can't wait to take him to the Kanc (not even going to try to spell it!) and go to that section where you can slide down the rocks into the big pool!

Poor tired!

Love this picture.  Cole is so good with Aidyn and Aidyn seems to just adore Cole. 

Cole did a good amount of walking but was definitely tired toward the end of it!

Beautiful scenery!

Aidyn is so goofy. He was playing peek a boo with me. 

Charlotte was very agreeable for half of the ride back to Laconia but then decided to scream for the second half. Lovely.

Overall we had a wonderful time with everyone; it was such a nice day!  Looking forward to lots more day trips this summer.

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Lisa said...

Looks like SUCH a fun day!!

Hey... Where did you get Cole's Londonderry hat? I've been looking all over for gear for the kids (and even me!) The closest I've found is CVS, and it's not all that "fashionable"!