Super Sevins


Super Fast and Super Slooooowww

I gave up trying to maintain the photography blog. : ) (See my "About Me" for an explanation!) Anyway, this past weekend we had an excursion to The Flume and Canon Mountain; both of which presented a plethora of photo opportunities!! I actually filled up my memory card over the course of the day which I haven't done in a very long time, believe it or not.  I experimented with slow shutter speed (see first 2 pics) and fast shutter speeds (last 2 pics).  Not the best shots but I'm practicing and learning! Pictures of actual people from the excursion to be posted tomorrow! : )


Katrina said...

Very cool!
I think they all look great!

Lisa said...

Yay!! Cameras are so fun! I did the same thing last year when we went to the Lost River! Endless photo possibilities! Oh and I highly recommend the Lost River.. it's just like the flume, but with caves to climb through.. basically the Flume + Polar Caves in one!

Amanda said...

Looking forward to more photos, Kelly. These are great!

I was thinking of starting another blog for my crafting stuff (again) but I'm not sure I would be able to keep up with it. I hear you!