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Strawberry Fields

AT LAST!! I so look forward to strawberry picking each year!  The season is so short that I jumped at the chance to go during the beautiful weather on Saturday.  I could not believe how perfect and abundant the strawberries are this year. It took me no time at all to pick 10 lbs...with Cole's help!!
Caden and Lisa met us there and Caden was very proud of each one that he picked! ; )

Cole said "no pictures Mommy!"

Look at that!  Wonderfully yummy....

While I finished up picking Cole, Charlotte and Brendan sat in the car and went to town on the berries Cole had picked.  Look at that juice stained hand!

Two kids who very much enjoy their strawberries!!

Look out! It's the strawberry monster!

Oh no! What happened?? Oh wait...that's just strawberry juice..phew!

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Lisa said...

I love the juice stains dripping down Cole's arm!! They really were quite delicious, and SO much bettern than any you can buy in the store! I think Caden would've had you take a picture of him holding every berry he picked.. I know he asked me to admire each and everyone before he would put it into his box!
How were your muffins?! did you try them yet?!