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Happy Father's Day!

We actually had a really enjoyable Father's Day even with all of this rain!  Brendan stayed over at his brother Ethan's house last night, having been out to the wee hours with Ethan and (my brother) Jay to enjoy some of bike week up in Laconia.  So this morning, Cole had crawled into bed with Charlotte and I at about 5am and we woke up without being crowded (but still missing Brendan of course!) and everyone was all smiles because of a very good night's sleep!  Then we went to Mimi and Grandpa's for  pancakes. Cole practiced putting with Grandpa and watched some Tiger Woods footage on the Golf Channel. It's cute how much Cole is recognizing this game and the players now!  We had a lot of fun there. 

When Brendan came back home we went back to meet him. Our original  plan was to go to Ribfest in Merrimack since the BBQ is amazing and there are a lot of fun things for the kids to do, but the rain was just too miserable. We actually started to go since it was only slightly drizzling and knowing that Jake and Dianna were going, but after we stopped to get gas the rain came down hard and we called it quits.  We decided to go to the mall and just bop around. Cole loves going on the spinning teacup and we had a nice snack of ice cream.  Brendan looked into getting an IPhone (supposed to be his Father's Day present but I wasn't able to get out last night to pick it up) and then we went home. The kids fell asleep on the way home so when we got home we all snuggled on the couch and all fell asleep. So nice!

Then we had a yummy dinner of ribeye steak and then I had made Brendan's fav pie...lemon meringue!  So good. 

Well, those are the details of our day....but what I most loved about our day was celebrating Brendan as a Dad. He really is such a good dad and Cole and Charlotte love him very much.  Whenever Charlotte realized Brendan was gone last night and this morning she would stop and yell "Da-da!!" and wait for him to reply.  I love you Brendan!!

At the end of the day we had fun goofing around in Cole's room. Cole wanted to sing and act out "Veggie Tales" which is a silly cartoon that I love because it makes me laugh out loud and it also has good lessons about God and his message.  I highly recommend it!

Charlotte love to tackle Cole and hug him. So cute!

Oh, there are just so many good photos...I love them all!!

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Lisa said...

aww!! that last photo is priceless!! You should frame it for each of them for their room!

Katrina said...

Such great pictures-- I especially love the one of them standing in front of the height chart. They're expressions are identical!

Mom said...

It's so cute seeing your children laughing and playing together. It reminds me of you, Kelly, and your brother! How things change and stay the same! <3