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Here I am...with open arms..

Ah, I've been listening to too much '80s music lately..

I’ve been MIA too long!! For a week I actually kept my camera down in the office and didn’t take pictures. Crazy, I know. In fact I regret that for one reason only—the day Cameron and Olivia visited and I didn’t take my camera out to capture their absolute glee (along with Cole’s) at running through the sprinkler. It was adorable. But you try taking pictures and having a 17-month old clinging to you and crying to be picked up because she is jealous of attention you were giving to Miss Olivia. Yes, my daughter is a drama queen. (And believe me when I tell you that I was not ignoring my daughter in place of paying attention to Olivia.)

But I’ve since returned to my crazy photographer ways and captured lots of good moments that I’ll post shortly….when I’m done making Cole’s birthday invites. (WHY, OH WHY, do I insist on making these invites instead of picking up the $3 pack??!!)

I had a very nice experience at the grocery store the other day. No, they were not having a wine tasting. Although I have been there when that event has occurred and it is overall very nice………that is where I found my current favorite…Clean Slate Reisling. I highly recommend it….but I digress… I was unloading groceries from the cart to be rung up, holding Charlotte on my hip (Yes, I indulge her. No, I don’t feel guilty about it!), and an older gentleman in line behind me says to me out of the blue, “You know, they say woman aren’t strong, but I am standing here amazed at you right now.” I smiled at him and said“I guess we just do what we have to do. Thank you! You just made my day!” Isn’t it wonderful how nice and uplifting strangers can be? I try to remember that every day that I can either make someone’s day great or sour….it’s my choice. I hope I always purposely choose to be nice...sometimes I get grumpy though and I apologize in advance.

Another interesting conversation with Cole this morning during breakfast:

He has been really interested in superheroes and “bad guys” lately because his friends at school watch the old cartoons with spiderman, batman, etc. Last night before bed he made up a really silly song about superheroes. I wish I had my video camera secretly taping it!

Anyway, this morning Cole asks me “Do bad guys believe in Jesus?” I was a little taken back at that question just with the magnitude of it all. My mind raced as I tried to figure out how to delicately answer this question. We had quite the conversation for a Tuesday morning! : ) Afterwards Cole said to me with a smile on his face “Mommy, I don’t believe in Jesus.” I just calmly said, “Why Cole?” And he laughed and said “I’m just joking you Mommy.” And so life goes with an (almost) 4-year-old!!

I’ll be back soon…..don’t miss me too much!


Amanda said...

I have missed you. Sometimes it's good to put the camera away and just enjoy the moments. Kudos to you!

Kind words from a stranger always brighten up my day!

Katrina said...

There you are! I was worried haha :)

Lisa said...

Yay!! No offense, but I was tired of looking at Brendan's picture from the Father's Day post! haha!