Super Sevins


Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I've got a month of pictures to post.  I'll probably just end up posting some highlights but for tonight here are my favorites...
Charlotte rarely finds interest in TV and will rarely sit still for it. Completely opposite of Cole! But let her get close to Cole for a good snuggle and she'll stay for awhile!

One of the best pics of Brendan and I in a long time! : )

My maternal grandmother visited us last month. We had such a wonderful time and I am so glad Cole and Charlotte could meet and enjoy her.

All the girls in the family!

The whole family (minus Brendan who was taking the picture)!


Katrina said...

Great pictures Kelly! There's so much personality in all of them!
The one of Cole sticking his tongue out cracks me up.

Lisa said...

Great picture of ypu and Brendan... did Cole take it?!

Mom said...

Give a child a camera and its a joy for a lifetime!!
Love the pictures, Kelly!