Super Sevins



I now have over 450 pictures to go through from the past 3 weeks. I'm in way over my head with blog posts, but post them I shall.  I used my 2008 blog to help me (start to) make a 2008 photobook complete with stories and updates so that's my motivation for completing it here.  For now, enjoy these photos from the past several weeks of fun filled activities!


SevinStitches said...

Looking forward to the posts!

Lisa said...

Love the one of Cole sharing his ice cream with Charlotte!! Looks like you've been having lots of fun! We've missed you around here!!

Katrina said...

I know how you feel! I'm in the same situation and I'm tempted to just push my pictures to the side and pretend I didn't take them haha.

These pictures are all great!!

Mom said...

LOVE the photo of Charlotte reaching up for you! So unique!
All of these were great family activities- that's what summer is all about, finally.