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Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away!

Ok, we didn't really go sailing but we did take a nice little excursion through Portsmouth harbor a couple weeks ago. It was delightful with the only exception that Charlotte, had she been only slightly taller, would have quickly scrambled over the edge and into the water if she could have!  It was a beautiful day and just so pleasant. 
Tried to get as many of pics of my Grandpa and the kids.  Charlotte never completely lost her shyness around Grandpa but that'll change come October!

Gymboree dress: $25
Land's End oversized hat: $15
Getting "the look" from a 18-month old: priceless

Believe it or not, during the Perfect Storm in '91, the waves went OVER this lighthouse. Amazing.
Cole was quite content watching the wake in the back of the boat. He also loved waving to other boats and just generally enjoying himself!

This is my new summer home. 

This has an interesting story: everytime the original owner of this house wanted a bigger party, he added a new room to the house. The house has 34 rooms!

Cole has become very interested in maps!

The boat was "this big" Mimi!


Katrina said...

Love the new summer home-- it looks a lot like ours!! Crazy... :)

SevinStitches said...

We must have been on the same tour because I remember all of those stories! Looks like fun!

Lisa said...

Fun tour! Good pics!! and I love your new house!!!

Dianna said...

Looks like a gorgeous day and fun for all! Those houses are unbelievable... lets share one! :)