Super Sevins


Let's Go Fly A Kite!!

Cole has been waiting ever since he got his Spiderman kite for Easter from Grammy and Paw-Paw to go out side and fly it.  Finally two Sundays ago the weather was perfect! We tried to get it going in our yard but the open area isn't big enough (too many trees!).  Cole sure did enjoy it though!

We brought it over to Mimi's later that day but the wind had died down. Uncle Jay thought he would try to get it going by running around the front yard. If nothing else, it was a funny site to see. : )


Lisa said...

We should definately go to Mack's some breezy day to fly kites. Caden always wants to fly his kite too, but the wind is never good and we run around like Jay! We always talk about going when there is no wind, but always forget when there is!!

Katrina said...

Aidyn's been wanting to fly his kite as well! It's so sad we've actually had to sit around waiting for the weather haha.