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4th of July

My dear, dear Grandpam along with his friend Ruth came to visit all the way from Nevada! It was so wonderful to see him- it had been 2 years since we last saw him!   When I was a pre-teen, Jay and I spent 3 weeks in the summer for 4 consecutive years at my Grandparents place in Chicago and their summer house in Wisconsin on the lake. Some of my fondest memories are with my Grandparents (and my cousin Matt who would fly in from Montana). It was weeks of  being spoiled and no parents. It was lazy days at the lake house, swimming in the lake for hours on end, fishing, water-skiing, and watching fireworks on the boat. It was getting to choose the sugary cereal at the grocery store, having soda whenever we wanted, Klondike bars, and watching movies that my Mom and Dad probably wouldn't have okayed, like Jaws!  It was riding in the back of my Grandma's station wagon (with no seat belts!), driving through the flat land of Wisconsin's endless corn fields, and riding the train into Chicago to watch a Cubs game. I will always, always treasure my memories of my Grandparents and the weeks we spent out there.  Sadly, my Grandma passed away in 1999 and Brendan was never able to meet her, but I think about her often and it always makes me smile to remember her and her humor, her laugh, and her assertiveness. I miss her all of the time!  So I am always so happy to see my Grandpa.  We are visiting him, as well as my Aunt Gail, Uncle Phil and cousin Matt and his wife Cassandra in October. I can't wait to see them all!

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Dianna said...

Grandparents sure are special people! I love to keep those memories alive and now to share them with my kids! :)