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The Sevins go to the Dentist

Cole loves the Berenstein Bears books.  We read them often and since Mimi has such a good library of them we borrow from her.  Perfect!  I like them because they have good lessons and also prepare kids for different going to the Dentist!  Cole actually went last month for his consultation.  He was great! So obliging! He was thrilled when he got stickers and little toys for being so great and was happy to report to Daddy that the dentist counted his teeth and that he didn't have any cavities.  Incidentally, I asked the dentist if it was common for kids his age to have cavities and he said sadly it was because of all of the juice kids drink!  Anyway, Cole and I went back a week later for his first cleaning. We were in a seperate room this time and while the hygenist was talking to me we could hear a child screaming bloody murder in the next room. You would have thought they were cutting off an arm or something! Anyway, that kind of freaked Cole out.  As an aside, you also are already familiar with the fact that Cole hates new tastes/foods. Well, the fact that they put the cleaning paste on his teeth was not ok, he started crying and just being very upset. I have to say I am really impressed with the people at Vangaurd in Derry because they handled it really well. It was over and done with in 10 minutes and Cole amazingly walked out of there with still a good feeling about the dentist (maybe it was the 10 minutes of video games we playing in the waiting room afterwards!).  So there was no lasting affects and we go back in January. Cole is super serious about brushing his teeth now and often repeats back what the dentist told him ("Remember Mommy, you brush my teeth at night and I brush my teeth in the morning and at school.")  So that is one for the memory books. : ) The pic above is Cole showing off his toy dino that he got from the first visit and the first one is a cute one, just because!


Lisa said...

I am glad Cole likes the dentist!! Had they gone on the same day that child you heard screaming bloody murder may very well have been Caden on one of his visits!! NOT a big fan of the dentist.. but after having his tooth pulled I can't say I blame him!! We read Curious George goes to the dentist.. seemed to work okay with the first few visits! Until of course the "extraction"! His next visit should be interesting! It'll be the first time back since the pull!

SevinStitches said...

That's a great dentist visit! We're pretty lucky in the fact that our dentists are also our dear friends. Cameron knew her as one of our play date friends before he went to the dentist, so it went surprisingly well!