Super Sevins


Visiting Grammy

Waaaaaaaaaay back when, on July 3rd, we visited with Grammy for the day. It was such a beautiful day, we walked along the Weirs and just enjoyed the outside!  Cole was excited to see the train come through and Brendan showed him how to flatten a coin on the tracks! Cole was like, "Why are we doing this?", but thought it was cool in the end.  Saw someone dressed as a bear walking around- Charlotte was fascinated but would not go over to say hi without the help of someone else!  Saw Ethan unexpectedly which was a nice surprise!


SevinStitches said...

Love the Weirs. Did they fix the boardwalk yet? Loving your updates, Kelly. Keep them coming!

Kelly said...

No, they haven't fixed it yet but there is a big sign commemerating the "big storm" and before and after pictures. A little too dramatic. I thought that if they have money for a giant sign then surely they have some money to put down new boards! : )

Katrina said...

It is a bit ridiculous they haven't fixed that yet.

Love the pictures-- Cole really knows how to enjoy an ice cream!! :)

Lisa said...

Super Cute Pictures... I've never been to weirs. Definately need to go! But I guess I'll wait for said boardwalk to be fixed!