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Mommy-Cole Time

Cole and I went blueberry picking last Saturday! We went early- 8am and got there before it got too hot or too crowded. It was really nice to have this Mommy/Cole time- we really enjoyed ourselves. Picked over 7 pounds in 40 minutes and only needed to pick from 3 bushes because they were just loaded! It was fantastic! And eating those warm blueberries off of the bushes was pretty great too. Cole was very proud of himself for picking entire bucket. When he was done that he decided to run the length of the aisle and back again and then sat down and ate some blueberries. We talked about the nets over the bushes and why they are there to protect the berries from the birds. He was concerned that as soon as we stepped out of the netted area a bird was going to swoop down and eat his blueberries but I reassured him that birds generally stay away from people if they can help it!  

We go again next Saturday to pick another 7...10? pounds!  Yummy!!


Lisa said...

I am so impressed with Cole's picking!! He can be on my team anyday! I don't think Caden filled even half his bucket when we went!! He probably did eat a whole bucket though! And our Cole maybe got 2 layers before he was done, not that I expected even that much from him!

SevinStitches said...

That's a lot of blueberries, and a lot of Mommy-Cole time!

Mom said...

Cole likes Blueberries!!!!! What a big helper he is! Such a perfect thing to do together.