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Another year....

I started blogging about you when you were just 6 months old. But all of the blogging and the stories could not share what a complete joy you have been in mine and Daddy's lives. You are a jokester ("Where does a cow go to be famous? Moooo-York", is your current favorite), but lately you've been making up your own too. Your first year you were sick a lot and made me so worried (reflux, RSV, rotavirus, etc) and now you barely catch a sniffle. You sleep so well (which makes Daddy forget how often you used to wake up) and in the morning you just come crawl into bed and snuggle up to me and play with my hair (unless you are wide awake, in which case you ask to watch TV).  

You love playing sports, especially hockey and soccer, showing me  how high you can pump on the swing all by yourself and lately have been loving coloring and painting. You are so deliberate with your coloring- gone are the random scribbles! Your favorite picture that you made for me is that of a walking face with no body and lots of legs. It makes you laugh everytime you see on the fridge. 

Lately when I tell you I miss you during the day, you reply "But Mommy I love school. I like playing with my friends." This is a bittersweet thing to hear but I know you are happy so that  is a good thing.

You love rough-housing with Daddy; you are fantastic with Charlotte.  You are always watching out for her and you let her tackle you when she wants to hug. 

You love to dance to "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" from the Jersey Boys soundtrack (aka The Four Seasons), Poker Face by Lady Gaga, and "Everybody wants to go to Heaven" by Kenny Chesney. Your favorite songs to sing with Mommy are "This Land is Your Land" and "The Ants Go Marching" Both you and Charlotte love the "Hurrah, hurrah" part!

One day recently when we randomly started looking at Halloween costumes in a magazine we saw the Wicked Witch of the West. I told you the story of the Wizard of Oz and you sat there mesmerized by the whole thing for 20 minutes. You ask me to tell you the story often. You could also sit and read books with Mommy or Daddy for a long time and be just as happy as you are playing with your cars.

You are a sweet, loving, social, such a true boy!  

Happy 4th Birthday!!


Lisa said...

So Sweet!!

Happy Birthday Cole!! It's been wonderful getting to watch you grow these past 1.something-or-rather years!! We are so happy you moved across the street with your Mommy and Daddy (and now Charlotte too!!) Caden loves having you as a friend! Have a wonderful birthday party! So sorry we'll miss it!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!
We love you so much!

Aidyn, Aunt Katrina & Uncle Ethan

Dianna said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Coley-Pants! I CAN'T BELIEVE you're four already!! Love love love you!

Mimi said...

Cole-ster - Happy Birthday! I love the fact that it was YOU who gave me the title MIMI when you started talking! Thanks, Cole! I Love all the things we do together. Let's do them for another four years!