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Just keep swimming....

Up until this past Thursday we spent every night in the pool for 2 solid weeks straight. We would have dinner on the porch, get into our swim suits ( or not in the case of Miss Charlotte!), and stay in the pool until bed time!  We just had a blast. When we were looking for houses back in 2007 I didn't want a pool for the obvious safety reasons with young children.  But having a locked gate and the fact that it is an above ground pool makes me feel better. I will feel much, much better when Cole learns how to swim though!  

This particular night Charlotte decided to work the camera from behind the gate. : ) I just love this photo.

This is Cole actually laughing and being silly before jumping in. : )

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Lisa said...

Pool pictures are just the absolute best! You never see an unhappy person in the pool!! Great job capturing the enjoyment from Cole! And the pics of Charlotte are just absolutely adorable... she is SUCH a cutie!!